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Tales from the Loom: Bamboo Warp 4

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In 2015 was the first time I used my sectional beam for my Macomber loom. I was determined to make my Macomber more efficient for production weaving. It was (and still is) my favorite loom. It was the loom I learned to weave on - the loom I had an “aaaaah, this is home” feeling on when I was in school at Haywood Community College. The school sold it when they built a new craft building - it was too big for the new studio.

All of my bamboo warps have been woven on this loom.

Warp #4 was woven off of my loom in the summer of 2015. I was in a hurry to get it off the loom so I could take the finished bolt off and move my loom to our new house. Up until this point, my studio was my living room in our double-wide rental.

Our new place had a 2-car garage that would become my new studio (so much room for more looms!). Once moved, I cut and sewed all the yardage into tops. They had an allover pin-stripe look and I loved them.


For anyone interested in the learning more about the Macomber as a production loom, Sarah Haskell’s blog in an amazing resource. I was looking into putting an auto-advance, fly-shuttle and sectional beam on my loom and she was able to provide images of these parts on a Macomber. You can check out the images and information in her post here:

(thanks, Sarah!)

I have enjoyed working with my Macomber sectional beam - I have been able to wind on more yardage to the back more efficiently. Once I acquired a couple of AVL looms I began to rely on them more heavily for my production weaving needs and use my Macomber for warps of 25 yards or less (usually).

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