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Tales from the Loom: Bamboo Warp 3

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My third bamboo warp was mostly neutrals - grey, white and a pale mint green for the warp. This was the widest warp I had woven with this yarn - it was 42” wide.

The yarn is sett at 48 ends per inch - for those who are unfamiliar with weaving that means that when the warp (or length-wise) yarns are measured out, each inch of width contains 48 threads. Each thread is measured, then wound onto the loom, threaded through a tiny heddle, drawn through the reed…all this must happen before the weaving can being.

This warp was woven in January 2015, part of a group of pieces created for an exhibition held at HandMade in America in Asheville, NC. The full-length gown has appeared in other exhibits - as pictured below at Grovewood Gallery in July 2017.

The tank top is the only one I have ever made (so far) and I wear it to all my shows…