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Tales from the Loom: Bamboo Warp 2

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With my second attempt at creating a bamboo top, I decided to simplify the color blocking. I designed the warp with 1/3 being pin-striped with black an white yarn and 2/3 being solid brown. The 1/3 pin-stripe area became the top third of the garment with the 2/3 brown warp towards the bottom. My thinking was that this would encourage attention towards the face of the wearer - this in combination with the supreme drape of this fabric makes for a top that is flattering on so many body shapes and sizes.

The neutral colored base of the warp allowed me to weave in colors like blue, green or maroon and create several tops that looked completely different.

The magic of ‘color and weave’ with twills…

Color and weave is a way to achieve patterning in weaving by planning (and changing) the order of your warp and weft colors. When you add twills (rather than plain weave, the simplest weave structure) to this technique the patterning possibilities expand. I will busy for the rest of my life with this technique.

This warp was woven in late 2014.

warp 2 blue weft.jpg
3 Brown and green bamboo top.JPG