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Tales from the Loom: Bamboo Warp 1

Warp ArchiveDeanna Lynch

Bamboo warp #1 was woven as a final project while I was in school. During our final months at Haywood Community College we participated in an exhibition for graduates at the Southern Highland Craft Guild - Folk Art Center off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I graduated in 2014 from the program and my work was on display over the summer months.

For my final project I was determined to make garments but I wanted to transition to a fiber that was affordable and also higher-end than cotton. Amanda Thatch (who was the Textile Coordinator at Penland at the time) suggested bamboo and I was off! Thanks to Amanda I was set on a path of making sumptuous fabrics with this fine fiber that I cannot get enough of.

I had already been working with striping, twills, color and weave and translating this into a garment with color blocking and tiny patterning was so exciting. I continue to learn from each warp.